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Exchanging your travel money just got a whole lot easier and smarter!

BettaChange provides the quickest and most reliable travel money exchange information, wherever you are and in every language.

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Our Features

We are the guide of choice when you need to navigate the travel money exchange maze.


We locate the closest and cheapest money exchange outlets. With one tap you get their every detail; their address, opening hours, email, phone, etc.


Now and forever. Only the money changing outlet you are looking at (and only while you are looking at it) is allowed to tell you more about themselves.


We do not ask for or keep any personal or financial information. Your privacy is guaranteed

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Works in many countries and speaks many languages. We are adding more countries and languages all the time.


Transaction calculations are done for you and tailored to your needs and location. All calculation details are shown on one simple screen.


We are not affiliated with any money changers. All comparisons are made on the basis of price and distance.

We have developed an application that has no agenda other than to help travelers worldwide find the best deals when exchanging their travel money.
Rost Vashevnik
CEO, Softaris Group Of Companies
I wish I had this app available in St. Petersburg last year. It took some time and legwork to find the place to change money.
Stas V
Seasoned traveller
I like that I do not have to guess anymore if I should change money at home or when I arrive to my holiday destination.
Tony S
Another happy user
It is delivering what was promised, love it. More countries should be added.
Android user

Why Love Us?

BettaChange saves you time and money when traveling!

Where else can you LOCATE all THE money exchange options available around you or WHERE you are planning to be? Plus Betta Change works out the currency and amount you need to exchange.

Where else can you quickly find out if you are getting an Ok deal on your foreign exchange or being taken advantage of? BettaChange saves you travel time and travel money.

  • Stuck in the queue at your travel money exchange? The line is so long... and you don’t even know if they have the best rate in town. Perfect time to ask your smart phone if there is a better deal around the corner. Download the Betta Change application and let your smartphone tell you if you are in the right queue or not.
  • Stepping out of the hotel to discover the local scene and tempted to change your travel money at the hotel’s reception desk? Why not ask your smartphone if there is a better deal somewhere on your way? Download BettaChange application, get the answer, save some money.
  • The money exchange place has a sign that they will price match any competitor. If only you somehow knew the best price offered in the neighborhood. Why not ask your smart phone about it? Download BettaChange application, get the answer, save some money.


NO, we locate the closest exchange bureaus and give you all the info you need to make a decision where and when to exchange your money. You can walk there or call them...The rest is up to you.
We work closely with money changing organisations ensuring our database is up to date with latest information about their locations and exchange rates. Then, upon your request, we provide you with every known detail you may need - the estimate of the exchange transaction, the address, opening hours, email and phone of the bureaus. All of this is also integrated with other apps - tap the phone number to phone the branch, tap the email address to email, tap the address to navigate.
You do not see or use a calculator as such. Calculations are done for you. We take into account the newest exchange rates from exchange bureaus, plus their commission, for the actual amount you are changing. So you will never have to hassle with an actual calculator. The answers are tailor made for your needs and location.
We are working non stop on supporting new countries and languages. Please write to us with your language and country of choice. Your requests do matter to us - we promise to bump you up on the priority list.

Some Fun Facts

A few facts about BettaChange
Exchange Providers
Exchange Locations

BettaChange Screenshots

Simple proposition: (a) Enter search criteria (b) Find matching exchange bureaus around you

Speaks your language

Already supports English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Russian. More languages coming soon.

Gives clear answers

We use up to date actual exchange rates published by the exchange providers. We also always take into account any service fees. And, naturally, we use the exact amount you have specified.

Multiple countries

Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Indonesia (Bali mainly) are already supported, more countries coming soon.

Download Now

BettaChange works on any modern Android device as well as iPhones and iPads. Go ahead, give it a try now.

Please navigate to your device's application marketplace to install BettaChange

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Our Team

We are experienced in financial services technology and oh so multi-talented!
Team Member


"The buck stops here"

Founder & CEO

Has thirty years computing experience under his belt, with latest twenty spent with financial technologies. Much more comfortable at the computer keyboard than on the jet flyboard (there was only one way to find out).

Team Member


"The magic man"

Creative & Marketing Director

Online marketing genius, passionate promoter of nice and simple designs, bona fide practicing magician, can ride anything attached to a skiboat.

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"The voice of reason"

Partner & COO

Highly experienced mentor and trainer, she loves math and is not affrraid to use it. Rock climbing is the recent addition to the old favoirite sports such as badminton and swimming.

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Change Bureaus

Diverse sources of travel money exchange services

Contact Us

Softaris Group of Companies

  • Phone (AUS) +61 4 1213 7818
  • Phone (USA) +1 773 831 4883

If you notice any problems or have a suggestion on how we can make BettaChange better - please contact us using the form next to this text. We are always looking for ways to improve.... your feedback is more than welcome. Plus, if you love it like we do... tell us why!

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